2 thoughts on “Casual Fridays with the Djoker”
  1. In a tournament with players from the last 50 years, on hard court, where each player must use a high quality WOOD racquet, who wins?

  2. I’ve spent quarantine rewatching as many Big 3 matches as possible, and Fed’s close calls — 2008 and 2019 Wimbledon; 2009, 2010, and 2011 US Open — have indeed stuck out. Last year’s Wimbledon was an especially difficult pill to swallow because Fed legitimately outplayed Novak throughout the entirety of the match. Is it too much of a cop-out to dub Novak the hardcourt GOAT, Fed the grass GOAT, and Rafa the clay GOAT? (For the record, I’d still take 2006 religious-experience Fed over peak Novak or Rafa.)

    Keep up the tennis content!

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