My friends: I hope you forgive me for this past week. It’s been atrocious, with the caveat that I’m probably one of those memes of a dude getting a cold and acting like it’s a death sentence. But along with the physical ailments, from fever to stomach pains to aches to chills to general bone-deep fatigue to truly impressive night sweating to other things that are too gross to mention…well, add all that to isolation, because I don’t want to get my wife or daughter sick and I have no idea if this is COVID. I got a test Monday two days after this all began, but because of the backlog I won’t know at least until Sunday, and probably not until the middle of next week, which makes it completely useless in terms of planning my life. Anyway, I’ve been stuck in my office for seven days now, so I probably have a better appreciation for anyone who has had to quarantine by themselves for the past three months. It’s terrible, even for a week.

Anyway, last night was the first time my temperature didn’t rise above 100, and I’m feeling exhausted but not sickly this morning, so I’m hopeful that things are on the mend (although even saying that scares me because of all the COVID stories where people are like, “I thought I was fine, and then BOOM!”). I apologize for the slow pace of content this week, but it took everything just to get those three posts out earlier. Doing Tuesday’s podcast in particular felt like performing in some weird, feverish, David Lynchian theater. I think I dreamed about it all night before I actually did it.

Good news though! Assuming I’m at the end of this nonsense, next week we kick into high gear with the new schedule. Three posts, two podcasts, including an interview with Joe Posnanski!

But for today, I’m just depleted, so I’m going to skulk off into the weekend dreaming of exercise, of a good diet, of restoring this body to something like reasonable shape. If there’s a bright side to sickness, it heightens your appreciation for what health feels like, and, in my case, makes me aware that my baseline “normal” isn’t really up to par these days. So there’s some motivation there, if I can just seize it.

In any case, thanks for your patience, and I will see you Monday…hopefully bright-eyed, hopefully bushy-tailed.


2020 pessimism reasserts itself: This probably means I have something worse.

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