5 thoughts on “On Competition”
  1. As a co-creator of the game of Azerbaijan (A game of throwing a machete in the air at a tire. Think of a more dangerous game of horseshoes) competition in central to what i do. If i think about today alone, I’ve played a game throwing my daughters toys on the couch, doing a 10-day juice challenge, and raced my wife on drinking said-juice. Competition in my eyes creates fun and excitement when something could otherwise be boring. Its also about creating – a new game, a new experience, or an old game and trying those different strategies. I can go on, but I’m about to play a game in a 1:1 meeting where I act disappointed and see if I can get someone to do more work.

  2. I know how much you love academia, so you should probably start reading The Journal of Play—https://www.journalofplay.org/.

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