On today’s episode, we’ve got Daniel Rapaport of Golf Digest talking about the surprisingly entertaining “Match II” featuring Tiger, Phil, and the footballers, Felix Hasselsteiner of Suddeutsche Zeitung discussing the high-quality 1-0 Bayern Munich victory over Borussia Dortmund, and Spike Friedman opining on who the next “Match” exhibition should feature. Plus, trivia!

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0:00: Intro

2:45: Daniel Rapaport of Golf Digest on why “The Match” worked so well, whether it can be duplicated, and what lessons from Turner’s production we can apply to regular PGA Tour golf.

17:25: Spike’s take. Who should we see in the next version of “The Match”?

25:13: Apocalypse Sports Trivia!

27:18: Felix Haselsteiner of Suddeutsche Zeitung gives us his insight on the Bayern-Dortmund rivalry, the state of the current Bundesliga, and the 1-0 victory for Bayern we watched on Tuesday.

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One thought on “Episode 9: “The Match,” “Der Klassiker””
  1. Great interview with Felix Haselsteiner, even though he’s an Austrian Bayern Fan (where was the question about Dominik Thiem? ;)!
    So, admittedly, Kimmich’s goal was clearly the goal of the week, but this free kick from Ingvartsen was special, not just because he’s on my fantasy team (watch at 1:03):
    You would typically expect him to aim top corner over the wall. Unfortunately, so did the Mainz keeper. Brilliant exploitation of goalkeeping anticipation!

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